Some creative ideas.....

what a huge job it would be to spin and knit this one. (I assume that this work was commercial yarn - but how much more creative would you be if your spun your own yarn first)
Check out the link. (above)

A link to how to spin paper

 Woven Golden Spider Silk Cape.

Made from paper....
Vitali  almost exclusively uses recycled newsprint, which he tears into strips and skillfully twists into balls of yarn without the addition of glue, coloring, or silicone.

Sara here. I thought I would put up a few of my favourites on here too.

Music has always served as a great comfort to me so when I saw this:

I pretty much fell in love.  The scale and ambition of such a project is just phenomenal and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

The same artist also did this:
which I think is also a good example and inspires me to explore the comfort of food and sharing a meal around the table with family and friends.  Although I imagine it might be difficult to remove these pieces to clean them if you spilled a little balsamic vinegar or raspberry cordial on it!

More later.....  xx

Over the next few months we will post some links, images and ideas here.
These are not necessarily  ideas that would be curated into the guilds exhibition, but are meant as ideas just to get every one thinking about their own work. If you have an inspirational article/artist/image etc please let us know so we can post it and share with others.....
This one was shared with me by a guild member last week. You will find more of the Artists work here.
It may not be every ones taste - but you may find some inspiration.

The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles kicked of 2010 and their twentieth anniversary with an exhibition of knitted fabrics  " tricot nouveau" by Lysanne Latulippe (AKA majolie ) this exhibition of one of their graduates ran from January 27th to March 12th, 2010. Image provided by MCCT for promotional use.

personally I like how this hangs.

Cotton transistors..... for the weavers to think about.

THE next generation of wearable electronics could be a lot more comfortable, thanks to transistors made from cotton fibres. Such transistors may soon make for wearable electronics as comfy as your favourite pair of jeans or T-shirt.
Some electronic textiles, such as shirts that integrate heart-rate monitors, are already on the market. But these products incorporate wires and bulky boxes of electronics, says Annalisa Bonfiglio at the University of Cagliari, Italy, who led the new work in cotton. What's more, metal and silicon - materials typically used to build electronics - are difficult to weave into fabric, while conductive polymer fibres that can be woven do not match the comfort levels most people expect from their garments.......
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For the knitter - you may find this interesting

some felting....

As we find more we will post more - if you find some inspiration you would like to share please send a message via this blog and we will do our best to get it posted.